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Hard Cases For Resellers

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Where excellence meets innovation in protective hard casing.

Hard Cases Value Added Resellers

High-Quality & Reliable Products

Discover the world’s best protective hard cases

Over 40 Sizes, Up To 10 Colors

Enhance your gear protection with NANUK cases. Available in over 40 different sizes, up to 10 color options. Custom colors matching your brand can also be created (MOQ required).


Nanuk cases are highly certified, embodying a commitment to excellence and innovation: IEC 60529, DEF-STAN 81-41, STANAG 4280, MIL-STD-810H, MIL-STD-810G, ATA 300 Category 1

NANUK Advantage: Feature Rich

NANUK cases boast a wealth of features thoughtfully designed to maximize their utility: durable construction, PowerClaw latching system, automatic pressure release valve, soft grip handle, and much more.

Large Range Of Accessories

A wide range of accessories and spare parts has been meticulously tailored to enhance and complement the use of our cases: padded dividers, lid organizer, cubed foam, shoulder strap, TSA lock, and more.

Made In Canada

We are proud of our Canadian roots. Only Switzerland and Japan rank higher in terms reputation for making high quality products globally. We believe there is no better setting than the cold harsh conditions of Canada to make and test case to protect valuable equipment.

NANUK-R Collection

Nanuk is proud to offer the world’s first post-consumer recycled resin protective case collection. It's about being part of a larger movement towards sustainability and supporting practices that help preserve our environment for future generations.

Product Demand

Customized Solutions, Sought After by Many

NANUK focuses on meeting diverse needs. It ensures your inventory matches market demands. Our options let you cater to customer needs. Leverage our reputation for quality to meet and exceed customer expectations.


Tailored Excellence in Every Case

At NANUK, we understand the power of personalization. Our cases are made for easy customization. They let you add unique value that sets your offerings apart. Create specific sizes and integrate accessories. Tailor solutions that speak to your customers' needs.

Compatibility and Integration

Seamless Integration

NANUK cases are built to work with many systems and technologies. They are compatible and integrate well. This makes it easier to integrate. It expands your opportunities to offer complete solutions. This enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Features Capabilities
  • Adapted for any type of interior
  • Market’s largest printable lid surface
  • Printing & Labelling in house
  • Removable case lid
  • Integrated bezel system
  • Integrated Lid Screw Posts

Profit Margins

Profitable Partnerships, Endless Possibilities

Nanuk offers partner programs tailored to your needs to support your growth. Partner with us for a profitable and sustainable future.

Efficiency Features
  • Delivery on time
  • Quick turnarounds
  • Stocking capabilities

Market Trends & SEO Potential

Innovating for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Meet the demand for sustainability with the NANUK-R Collection, crafted from post-consumer resin. We are pioneers in eco-friendly protective solutions. We offer you a product line that meets current market trends. It also has strong SEO potential. Enhance your offerings with products that are both innovative and environmentally conscious.

Made Of Post-Consumer Resin

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Same Performance

Quality is our promise – and these recycled cases are no exception. Each one undergoes strict quality control to ensure it matches the high standards of durability, reliability, and functionality that NANUK is known for. They offer the same stellar protection as our non-recycled cases.

Can Be Produced In Any Size

Currently offered in 6 sizes and expanding, you can request any specific size from our legacy line in the NANUK-R collection for your project. MOQ required.


Dedicated Support for Your Success

Our partnership extends beyond products. With NANUK, you gain access to comprehensive support, from sales to marketing. Our team is committed to your satisfaction. We are ready to help with training, resources, and hands-on support. We can help you navigate any challenge.

Support Features
  • Engineering & technical assistance
  • Product training
  • Customer service & sales support
  • Access to Marketing assets and assistance
  • Tradeshow partnership

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Toll Free: 1.800.783.6883
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