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First Aid Kit Hard Cases

Don't get caught without the first aid supplies you need. With a quality case, you'll have everything you need quickly at the ready. Learn more about NANUK's empty first aid cases and discover how to find the right one for you.

First Aid Empty Hard Cases

We offer a collection of empty first aid cases that allow you to assemble the supplies you need the most. They range in size. For example, we have the easily portable NANUK NANO 310 for small supplies to the big-wheeled NANUK 935, which can carry everything you need in an emergency.


When you buy an empty first aid kit, you can purchase the supplies you need instead of having items you wouldn't use. This saves you money, and you get a waterproof and impenetrable case like the NANUK 915.

Even when you purchase the NANUK NANO 320 or the NANUK NANO 330, you can choose the brand of supplies you like best. 


Purchasing an empty emergency kit box is the easiest way to get all the products you need into it without second-guessing what items to include. You can customize a small box by choosing the bandages and antiseptic wipes to go into the NANUK 903 or the scissors and cold press that fit into the medium NANUK 910.

What is a First Aid Kit?

A first aid kit holds medical supplies to treat minor injuries, including scrapes, burns, and bruises. These supplies often include bandages, antiseptic wipes, and ointments that remain protected for use when kept in a secure box. A big first aid kit can even fit life-saving equipment or repellant cans.

The largest small-sized NANUK 909 can fit a variety of bandages, wipes, scissors, packs, and manuals. The NANUK 905 is slightly smaller but can fit many smaller products for your needs. 

Empty First Aid Boxes for Different Uses

There are so many sizes and types of aid boxes because they are used in various places to care for different needs. Workplaces and athlete kits need to store items for specific injuries that might not be as much of a concern at home. The small NANUK 908 has plenty of storage to fit equipment while travelling. 

The small NANUK 908 is perfect for minor injuries that can be aided by bandages,

The small NANUK 904 is perfect for minor injuries that can be aided by bandages, gauze, and antiseptic cream at home or in the workplace. Bulk empty first aid kits are great for trips or an emergency stash because they can fit a variety of medicine, bandages, and medical tools like the NANUK 920 or any of the medium cases. 

How to Refill or Stock Your First Aid Supplies

How often you should inspect and refill the items you keep in your kit depends on how quickly you use the products. However, we recommend checking your home supplies at least every six months. We recommend checking it every month for a workspace kit to be safe. 

You should check the items according to:

- Expiration date
- Damage
- Amount used
- Stock levels

Purchase your box empty to start filling it up with the supplies that best suit your needs and the location the box will be stored. If you are unsure which size from the selection of empty first aid cases is right for you, start by writing a list of all the supplies you need or contact us to help you find the best option. 

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If you are looking to buy a box to protect an emergency kit, we have a variety of sizes to choose from. Purchase one of our lightweight and indestructible empty first aid cases after reading the brief below to help you figure out which size will best suit your needs. 

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